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Gloves specially designed with special FR structure for fire safety related activities. It is fire retardant, heat resistant, anti-evaporation, anti-hazardous solvents, puncture resistant, also protects against contact of dangerous substances during fire safety related activities.

Outer fabric Outer fabric is made of fireproof leather laminated with fabric made from OPF and Kevlar. It is fire retardant, cut resistant, abrasion resistant, anti-slippery, strengthens protection against mechanical hazardous articles and protective heat resistance property.
Membrane Barrier layer made with UK Porelle highly waterproof and breathable PU membrane (JW-GL08) and PTFE membrane (JW-GL08E), it is antibacterial, resistance to synthetic blood testing and anti-chemical hazards infiltration.
Thermal barrier Made up with OPF and Kevlar® , to enhance its heat resistance and comfort.
Lining 100% Kevlar®
Thread 100% Kevlar®
Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Properties Abrasion resistance: grade 4
Puncture resistance: grade 4
Cut resistance: grade 2
Burning behaviour: grade 4
Tear resistance: grade 4
Radiant heat resistance: 27 seconds
Turnout Gear
Fire Helmet
Fire Hood
Fire Gloves
Fire Boots

  • 防火紗
  • 防火車縫線
  • 防火繩/彈性帶/織帶
  • 技術性防火紡織品
  • 防火不織布/滅火毯
  • 消防員個人防護裝備
  • 防護工作服
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