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OxinForce® needle punched felt is made of 100% highest Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) oxidised pan fiber, it does not contain asbestos, glass fiber and other harmful substances. It is completely non-flammable, heat resistance up to 1200℃. Its fire proof property has been tested with CNS 10285 L3196 A4 Method: Specified Requirements of Flame-Resistant Textile and has met grade one.

  CNS 10285 L3196 A4 Method
Grade After Flame Time(s) After Glow Time(s) Char Length (cm)
Grade 1 < 2 < 7.5 < 10
Grade 2 < 5 < 15 < 15
Others > 5 > 15 > 15

Afterflame and afterglow time and duration are commonly considered flammability parameters. The afterflame and afterglow time of OxinForce® needle punched felt are 0 second, average char length is 5cm warpwise and fillingwise, is of the highest grade fire protective material in the market. OxinForce® OPF felt can reach annual production of150 tons. Maximum product width is 3m, product weight ranges between 75gsm~2000gsm

‧Does not generate toxic gases when being heated.  No afterglow, no melt, no curl, impenetrable, excellent insulation. 
‧Does not cause pollution after use.
‧Blast resistance up to 1200℃.
‧Insulated, excellent resistance to heat, acid and corrosive chemicals.
‧Does not burn and melt, foldable, easy to store and does not break easily like glass fiber.
‧No expire date, permanently fire proof, and be used repeatedly in good condition.

‧Thermal isolation barrier (thermal layer for clothes / gloves / shoes)
‧Fireblanket: immediate put out fire at the initial stage of burning
‧Rescue blanket: wrap around body to escape from fire and heat
‧Welding blanket
‧Sound / heat insulation material for aircrafts, vehicles and buildings

Fire blanket specifications:

Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length(m) Remarks
3 1.5-3

Adjustable on
demand /

Design service
for special
is also

Regular dimensions:
1.5m x 1.5m
6 1.5-3 1.5m x 2m
1.5m x 3m

For welding blanket, all four corners are to be punched and secured with a copper ring, for the convenience of hanging or linking. For fire rescue blanket, two handles are to be attached to the upper rim, for the convenience of wrapping body while extinguishing and escaping. Storage bag is included. Product thickness includes 3mm and 6mm, dimensions 1.5MX1.5M, 1.5MX2M and 1.5MX3M, other sizes can be requested.


  • 防火紗
  • 防火車縫線
  • 防火繩/彈性帶/織帶
  • 技術性防火紡織品
  • 防火不織布/滅火毯
  • 消防員個人防護裝備
  • 防護工作服
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