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The quality of textile depends on many factors, of which the most important is yarn, whose performance and quality rely on its fiber and spinning process. Apart from using 100% aramid fiber and acrylic FR yarn, with its innovative spinning techniques, OxinForce ® uses also oxidized fibers, the most difficult-to-spin material famous for its extremely breakable character among all inherently non-flammable fibers, as it has the highest Limiting Oxygen Index (L.O.I.). OxinForce ® manufactures 100% oxidized fiber yarns, with the finest yarn count reaching 30 single, and blended with other inherently non-flammable fibers to produce the yarn that has the best flame-retardant property, consistent high quality and suitable to be used in fire safety, industrial safety and aerospace industry.

OxinForce ® uses permanent fire-retardant fibers from well-known brands such as Pyromex, Panox, Pyron, Technora, Kevlar, Twaron, Nomex, Conex, Arawin, Protex and FR Rayon to produce high performance FR yarn. OxinForce ®yarn does not melt or drip, it is abrasion resistant, high in self-extinguishing, carbonation, tear and chemical resistance properties. It has outstanding heat resistance and permanent fireproof qualities and can be widely used specialising industrial applications such as weaving, thread and rope, heat resistant filter material, fireproof wear/hood/footwear/socks, heat-resistant clothing, racing car seat, carriage wall component, stereo speaker, air valve cap, cable line, heat insulation, air-tight material, composite material, brake and clutch, sheath and cable fiber. To cater for different functional needs, we also offer options of blending anti-static fiber and stainless fiber with above mentioned inherently non-flammable fiber.

Composition: 100% Oxidised pan fiber yarn
Fibers used :Pyromex, Panox, Pyron
Yarn Count: 7s-30s
Yarn Ply: 1-3ply
Color option: Black
Regular yarn size: 6.7s, 10s, 20s

Composition: 100% Meta-aramid FR yarn
Suitable for making sewing thread, rib knit, Velcro and protective fabric. Can be further processed into coloured yarn, dyeable/ printable yarn/ fabric.
Fibers used: Nomex, Conex, Arawin
Yarn Count: 7s-100s
Yarn Ply: 1-3ply
Color options: Any color
Regular yarn size: 10s, 16s, 20s, 30s, 40s

Composition: 100% Para-aramid FR yarn
Fibers used: Technore, Kevlar, Twaron
Yarn Count: 5s-60s
Yarn Ply: 1-2ply
Color options: Yellow, black
Regular yarn size: 20s, 30s, 40s

Composition: 100% Acrylic FR yarn
Yarn Count: 7s-40s
Yarn Ply: 1-3ply
Color options: Any color
Regular yarn size: 10s, 20s, 30s

Composition: Various fire-retardant blended spun yarn
Yarn Count: 7s-60s
Yarn Ply: 1-3ply
Color options: Any color
Regular yarn size: 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s


  • 防火紗
  • 防火車縫線
  • 防火繩/彈性帶/織帶
  • 技術性防火紡織品
  • 防火不織布/滅火毯
  • 消防員個人防護裝備
  • 防護工作服
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