FR Yarn

The quality of textile depends on many factors, of which the most important is yarn,... more

FR Sewing Thread

FR sewing thread is an essential material for all types of heat proof textiles.... more

FR Rope/Elastic /Webbing

Face shield accessories, fire equipment accessories, fireman basic equipment... more

Technical Textile Solution

Fire retardant does not mean the fabric does not burn,... more

Needle Punched Felt/Fire Blanket

Oxinforce® needle punched felt is made of 100% highest Limiting Oxygen Index... more


Oxinforce® is an approved supplier of National Fire Agency, it develops and manufactures... more

Protective Workwear

The prime function of protective workwear is to protect skin from burn. Specialized protective workwear is essential for professionals who undertake high-risk and prone to burn activities.... more

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our products ...
We will be at the Fire India exhibition on Oct. 5-7, 2015 in New Delhi...
We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our products...
  • 防火紗
  • 防火車縫線
  • 防火繩/彈性帶/織帶
  • 技術性防火紡織品
  • 防火不織布/滅火毯
  • 消防員個人防護裝備
  • 防護工作服
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  FR Yarn
FR Sewing Thread
FR Rope/Elastic /Webbing
Technical Textile Solution
Needle Punched Felt/Fire Blanket
Protective Workwear
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